Castrum – International Knights festival Banja Luka


Kastrum is a three day international knights festival, that gathers around 150 performers from

  • Showcase of the wedding of Serbian king Dragutin Nemanjic and Hungarian princes Katalina Arpad in the temple of the Christ the Savior, followed by a defile towards Kastel fortress;
  • Demonstration of Historic European Medieval Martial Arts (HEMA) (fighting with and without the amour, fencing, archery with traditional bow and arrow, and handling weapons while riding a horse);
  • Knight’s village – authentic medieval knight’s tents with all of the accompanying equipment, tools, weapons, clothes and accessories;
  • Traditional gastronomic offer (food and drinks for the medieval period)
  • Animations for children and adults *workshops, fencing and archery schools, dancing with fire and swords, medieval games and contests, art colony and other);
  • Exhibition of medieval clothes, footwear, jewelry, tools and weapons in the”Stone house”;
  • Concerts of ethno and renaissance ensembles.